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  • Date de création : 2021-11-09
  • Cible : Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorder (Exemple : Autism or ADHD), Medical & Paramedical staff and specialized institutions
Quel est le problème ?
Our journey started with Raslen, a 15 year old boy living with autism. At the age of four his
parents detected an unusual behaviour but they failed to seek the right help. Their journey
lasted 7 years until they finally managed to figure out the right diagnosis at the age of 13 during
which Raslen was enduring bullying, school failure and a loss of connection with the society.
Parents are suffering in silence because they lack the necessary information, because there is a
lack of early intervention due to the absence of a national program of screening and care. On
top of all this, there are approximately 2,4 million families diagnosed in Tunisia as of 2018, and
still there are frightening numbers of families unable to get the help needed worldwide.
According to the Pasteur institute in paris, among 2203 parents:
80% of people around the world need someone to listen to them;
93% of people need information;
97% of people need advice.
Around 50% of kids around the world have NDD and many more are not even diagnosed yet.
Despite these huge and frightening figures, we have noticed a lack of early intervention, and this
is obviously due to the absence of a national program of screening and care. Adding to this, the
Approaches are very complex in nature, as they are multidimensional and multiprofessional,
and the examinations and scales are very long and periodic considering that these disorders are
Apart from that, scientific research is lacking collectible data which is slowing down the progression
in such fields of study. This is not only a Tunisian issue but also it extends to the entire MENA region
La solution
AUZY is a medico-psycho-social support platform that ensures full coordination at its different stages
of intervention, via the creation of a multidisciplinary network to organize personalized care on
medical, psychological and social levels for children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) such
as Autism, Learning Disorder (DYS Disorders), ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder),
Intellectual Impairment, and Children with High Potential. AUZY facilitates the management of
communication, the realization of screening, evaluation and examinations, orientation towards an
early intervention and better care, and strengthens and unites the key actors in the ecosystem of
neurodevelopmental disorders. Our platform aims to provide medical and psychological support to
parents who can not get the help they need due to geographical placements or money shortage. Our
process starts with raising awareness through free services and information and a chatbot, which is an
intelligent assistant for immediate health messaging to provide the needed help.
Then we provide free online detection tools operating as surveys and questionnaires. The end result
would determine the next intervening party. Later on, we offer either digital consulting or face to face
appointment with a psychiatrist to determine the possible hypothesis. Once the diagnosis is done,
Auzy offers a backend solution allowing the linking of all the intervening parties and the management
of case related files.
On the next phase, our objective is to perform predictive analysis using collected data by using
artificial intelligence, which will allow us to: assist doctors, ensure early detection, and visualize and
analyze the condition of patients. At the final stage, the provided care would be personalized for each
child, as our apps goal is to improve the quality of treatment and empower the families.
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